"Training in management skills (through Global Management Challenge) would also break off the old Ghanaian mentality of working individually instead of collaborating and seeing each person in the chain as members of the team. Many Ghanaian companies are unable to move from good to great because with great companies you need to work as a team" 
-Kenneth Ashigbey, Managing Director, Graphic Communications Group Ltd.


"The youth of Ghana are gifted with so much talent and they need support (like Global Management Challenge) to help them unearth their potentials."
-Tosan Woode, Head of Sales & Marketing-Ghana, Virgin Atlantic Airways


“I wish to congratulate your outfit for this initiative which I believe will go a long way to add value to the work being pursued by the Ministry in promoting SMEs and building the capacities of our young entrepreneurs who have created business and are trying to make them into successful businesses. I also think that the turning of this initiative is quite apt especially now that the Industrial Policy and the Industrial Sector Support Programme (ISSP) is being implemented.

On behalf of the Government of Ghana and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, I officially endorse this initiative and confirms the Ministry’s willingness to work together with your organization to promote the growth and sustainable development of our industries and business as well as creating a competitive business environment.” 
-Hanna S. Tetteh, Minister of Trade and Industry (Ghana)


"As we welcome the Global Management Challenge into the youth development landscape in Ghana, we believe that the partnerships they are forming will fast track the emergence of the next generation of young business moguls or gurus...I will entreat academia, corporate Ghana, and indeed everyone to register and participate in the Global Management Challenge, so we can improve ourselves." 
-Hon. Nii Nortey Dua, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports


"This world class simulator programme gives the youth, students, workers and indeed everyone the opportunity to experience being in top management and gaining he proverbial experience required of job applicants. It will complement various government interventions stated in the 2012 budget…" 
-Hon. Stephen M.E.K. Ackah, Chairman for Youth, Sports and Culture Committee (Member of Parliament for Suaman Constituency)


"The Global Management Challenge is unquestionably the best tool I have experienced in offering those seeking a broader perspective in business and management a hands-on opportunity to learn through a first class reality-based simulator; such an initiative can truly complement other important practical, experiential and technical training one gains in pursuit of being a top class leader in any field." 
-Sylvester John, Former President - International, Enactus Worldwide  (Formerly SIFE Worldwide)


Microsoft keeps investing in student teams 

According to Nuno Duarte, General Manager (Division), Microsoft: “we provide support to a major competition such as the Global Management Challenge, which is associated with encouraging an integrated policy of work and support to the different sectors of our community. On the one hand, for the enterprises themselves, and on the other hand, the academic and educational sectors, covering both teachers and students - especially those in their final stages of education. We consider the participation in this competition a significant added value for the development of practical management skills, not often available during the years of study. We are sure that this experience will not be easily forgotten, and as a company, we are attentive, evaluating continuously the niche market of talents, since we continue our strategy of expansion in Portugal.”

As for the value of the Global Management Challenge to the participants, his insight is “to determine technical competencies and a series of “soft skills” which are not easy to teach during the formal academic courses. Most of the time it is only during their professional life that they can actually practice and develop expertise in: team spirit, problem solving under pressure, capacity to prioritize, use of common sense, competitiveness, etc.”

According to Nuno Duarte, sponsoring this competition and the teams taking part “will strengthen our strategy of reaching the segment of Education in general and the Academies in particular. In addition, we believe that management, like other sciences, only makes progress if they are “People Ready”, which means oriented to the people, since people are the differentiator in the organizations. Because of that, if with our support we contribute to ‘humanize’ management, we will at least have achieved one major objective.”  


"20% of our entire annual graduate intake comes directly from participation in the Global Management Challenge" 
José Galamba de Oliveira, President (Division), Accenture


  • The Global Management Challenge has become a core part of Accenture’s worldwide recruitment strategy
  • The company supports dozens of student teams and is involved with the game in multiple countries
  • Networking events bring Accenture into contact with new customers from the major players in each sector

Why Accenture gets involved

Accenture aims "to get the best people in our ranks" and values the chance to engage directly with them via the Global Management Challenge.

The matching process ensures that Accenture is brought into contact with the most relevant students, facilitating an innovative direct recruitment channel. It typically provides two training sessions for the teams it is sponsoring, and views the competition as an important pre-selection mechanism.

Accenture sees the Global Management Challenge as a key part of building its campus brand, and raising awareness of its graduate scheme. It values the public exposure, and by investing in the leaders and managers of tomorrow, sees the Global Management Challenge as a good project within its corporate social responsibility strategy.

The university contacts Accenture has built up has enabled the company to influence the curriculum in certain areas, helping to ensure students have the right skills when they graduate.

Networking with other sponsors and supporters at the Global Management Challenge is invaluable. Accenture sees the other sponsors as the major players in each industry sector, and as potential customers for Accenture.


According to Edward Martin, Director Marketing Excellence and CSR Insights, the Global Management Challenge “comes with a simulation based platform that could help us in a variety of ways...

  • Fostering collaboration among various functional teams
  • Engaging consumers in non-traditional fashions 
  • Making mistakes within a positive learning environment without incurring losses for the company
  • Discovering and unleashing the reserve of knowledge not tapped into within the company
  • Extracting the individual and collective knowledge from all employees
  • Incubating and nurturing knowledge using a cutting-edge, world-renowned and innovative platform”


 "Global Management Challenge did not only expose us to practical knowledge in finance, human resource, operations management and marketing, it also revealed in us our true behavior in stressful moments and indirectly taught us qualities we hardly understood like tolerance, teamwork and having an eye for detail. It is closest to the ultimate test for a well rounded manager."
-Kwabena Ankomah-Kwakye, MBA Candidate (Team Bizessence, Global Management Challenge Alumnus)