The Global Management Challenge consists of a strategic management simulation competition, in which each team runs a virtual company with the objective of finishing with the highest company share price on the simulated stock exchange.  Teams of 3 to 5 persons are formed and compete by taking decisions in the areas of marketing, sales, production, human resources and finance, knowing that the other competing teams are operating in the same market and selling the same products. The computer model analyzes the strategies of the different competing companies, and allocates to each one a market share based on the respective decisions that each management team has made, thus reproducing a situation very close to reality. Unlike other simulation competitions, the decisions of each team influence the market’s reaction as this happens in the real world as well as the future performance of the other competing teams.

In a business environment where companies have to face increasing competition, innovating permanently is a prerequisite to success and growth. To simulate the reality and test several scenarios in order to adjust the response to the market’s dynamics in a fast and flexible manner, without incurring actual losses for the company, is an invaluable learning experience and opportunity.

Finally, observing firsthand the performance, attitude and behavior of potential new employees and university graduates, and seeing them “in action” while managing a company is recognized by our global partners as one of the most effective and innovative ways to assess the actual potential of new recruits and to make the right hiring and promotion decisions.


Organizations can form teams of their employees to participate in the world’s largest and most prestigious simulation competition. Individual professionals can also form their own teams independently to enter the competition. Additional opportunities include:

  • Sponsoring events organized by the Global Management Challenge Ghana and the National Final
  • Sponsoring teams of university students and receive branding recognition
  • Organizing a customized internal competition within your company as a professional development, training, and teambuilding opportunity for your employees*

*For more information on how your company can partner with the Global Management Challenge Ghana to meet your specific needs, please email us at: or call us at 0266704497. 



  1. Enhance professional expertise and skills in strategic management, decision-making, leadership and communication
  2. Foster teamwork and collaboration among employees and teams of different divisions, functional and geographic areas
  3. Receive significant media recognition and branding opportunities as a participant and/or sponsor
  4. Contribute to developing the next generation of business leaders
  5. Promote your company’s image as a corporate citizen
  6. Identify top talent at universities of your choice
  7. Access one of the most powerful global business networks among our corporate partners, sponsors and supporters
  8. Have fun while developing one's competitive spirit, with the opportunity to represent the country at an international platform



Paid Corporate Registration

Registration of 1 to 4 teams: 1,500 GHS per team

Group Registration of 5 to 9 teams: 1,425 GHS per team (5% discount)

Group Registration of 10 to 14 teams: 1,350 GHS per team (10% discount)

Group Registration of 15 teams and above: 1,275 per team (15% discount)


Paid Open Registration

Registration of 1 to 4 teams:  1,000 GHS per team

Group Registration of 5 to 9 teams: 950 GHS per team (5% discount)

Group Registration of 10 to 14 teams: 900 GHS per team (10% discount)

Group Registration of 15 teams and above: 850 GHS per team (15% discount)


Register by 10 September, 2012, to receive the Early Registration Special: 10% discount

For group registrations, please contact us at: