Tertiary students

The Global Management Challenge consists of a strategic management simulation competition, in which each team runs a virtual company with the objective of finishing with the highest company share price on the simulated stock exchange.  Teams of 3 to 5 persons are formed and compete by taking decisions in the areas of marketing, sales, production, human resources and finance, knowing that the other competing teams are operating in the same market and selling the same products. Unlike other simulation competitions, the decisions of each team influence the market’s reaction as this happens in the real world as well as the future performance of the other competing teams.

In today’s economy, companies are seeking top talent who not only possess practical experience of strategic management, but also the type of skills that can’t be acquired in a classroom, namely teamwork, communication, collaboration and leadership. For you to be competitive in today’s job market, the Global Management Challenge offers you the opportunity to differentiate yourself by gaining invaluable experience as well as top-notch personal and professional skills. 


The Global Management Challenge offers numerous opportunities for tertiary students to develop their personal and professional skills, including:

1.  Participating to the world’s largest and most prestigious simulation competition

2.  Organizing an internal customized competition for select participants within your university*

3.  Promoting the Global Management Challenge opportunity within your university campus and beyond and receive significant funding for your student organization*

*Note: For more information on these opportunities, please email us at info@ghanamanagementchallenge.com 


1.  Gain practical experience in managing key operational areas of a company and their interdependence

2.  Develop your skills in economics, business analysis, management, strategy, and decision-making

3.  Sharpen your communication, collaboration, teamwork, problem-solving and leadership skills

4.  Increase your chances to secure a job through our network of sponsors, partners and supporters

5.  Build on your resume by becoming an alumnus, considering the Global Management Challenge is one of the only simulations of its type to have received the prestigious Computer Enhanced Learning (CEL) accreditation from the leading management education accreditation body, EFMD

6.  Differentiate yourself from others by having a competitive background and spirit when applying for jobs

7.  Receive a certificate of participation from a program accredited by a leading European and global accreditation body

8.  Compete with tertiary students nationally and globally for the National and World Champion Title; opportunity to represent your country on the world stage

9.  Engage and network with your school’s alumni, student organizations, media, and local companies

10.  Receive media coverage and recognition of your performance in leading national media outlets

11.  Receive free opportunities to travel to exciting places depending on performance

12.  Have fun experiencing one of the most exciting learning opportunities


Paid Tertiary Students Registration 

Registration of 1 to 4 teams: 833 GHS

Group Registration of 5 to 9 teams: 792 GHS per team (5% discount)

Group Registration of 10 to 14 teams: 750 GHS per team (10% discount)

Group Registration of 15 teams and above: 708 GHS per team (15% discount)

Register by 10 September, 2012, to receive the Early Registration Special: 10% discount

For group registrations, please contact us at: registration@ghanamanagementchallenge.com